Just like you

We're a small group of PC gaming & creator enthusiasts that were frustrated with all the sub-par offerings in the custom PC building market and knew we could do it better at a better price with the best components.

Armed with our extensive combined technical background in the industry, we launched Falkkor in 2022 to achieve exactly that goal.

We hope to have a positive impact on the community we are proudly a part of and look forward to contributing by providing reasonably priced ultra performance systems that feature high quality components.

On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog

All kidding aside, the extremely professional yet fluffy white beast pictured here is the real Falkkor; the inspiration for our company name and logo. Falkkor was a bright shining beacon of light that brought joy to our hearts.

Sadly, he passed to the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago and we miss him dearly. He was a good boy and we hope to honor his life and memory with our company name, aesthetic and logo.

He is survived by his cranky, geriatric brother Stanley and his heinously evil kid sister KITT.

Pacific Northwest Zen

We are based near the waterfront district in the City of Vancouver in the State of Washington in the United States right next door to Portland, Oregon. This region is known as the Pacific Northwest and is home to many trees, wildlife and sasquatch.

With some of the most beautiful vistas in the country, Vancouver provides the perfect relaxed, peaceful atmosphere for us to focus on making the best possible performing systems out there.